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Hello, I’m Helena. I’m mum to two beautiful boys, Dylan born July 2018 and Harris born March 2020. After maternity leave with Dylan, I gave up my job as an engineer to be a full time Mum for a while. I’m originally from Cardiff but when I left university in Bristol, many moons ago, my first job was with an Aberdeen company and I ended up staying here in Scotland. Then I met Mr. Helena aka Mik, a proud Scotsman, and the rest is history!

During my pregnancy with Dylan, I suffered from preeclampsia leading to him being born prematurely at 34 weeks. He spent 18 days in hospital before we were able to bring him home. I was heavily monitored during my pregnancy with Harris but unfortunately my waters broke early and he was born at just 31 weeks. He was in NICU for over a week and then spent another month in the SCBU learning how to feed. He was born a few days before the first lockdown in March 2020 so his stay was incredibly stressful as were weren’t able to be together as a family until he was over 5 weeks old.

I write about my experience of parenting, including our time on the neonatal unit and my struggles with breastfeeding and diagnosis of IGT. I also like to write about baking and books but as I rarely get chance to bake or read these posts aren’t quite so common at the moment! I sometimes I get products sent to me for free to review but I always give my honest opinion and will let you know if a product has been gifted. Remember that everything on my blog is my own opinion so it may well differ to yours. That’s good as it makes for a much more interesting world!

Feel free to leave a comment on my posts to let me know if that’s the case as not everybody has the same experience with every product!

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If you have a question about my blog or would like me to review something, then you can contact me easily.

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