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Adventures With A Toddler

Every day with a toddler is an adventure. Dylan seems to have never-ending energy nowadays and loves getting outside to explore.

In The Woods

Last week we pulled on our wellies and headed outside into the woods which back onto our house. Now that the weather is turning, Dylan had lots of fun watching the leaves falling off the trees and squishing the soggy leaves on the ground. We spent a long time exploring a puddle. We both splashed, he fished for twigs under the water and he fell on his bottom where he stayed for a good few minutes. After that we bailed home, both covered in mud and happily found that Dylan’s snowsuit is perfectly waterproof so there was no need for a full outfit change.

At The Farm

Another favourite is a trip to nearby Wynford Farm. We are there at least once a week meeting friends and Dylan just loves the softplay area. There is a separate section for under 2s which is big enough for him to burn off lots of energy without being knocked over by bigger children. When the weather is good, we usually go outside as well to visit the animals. He is always fascinated by the birds, especially the colourful budgies and super soft looking Silkie chickens. We always have to stop at the duck pond and go into the barn to see the meerkats, goats and pigs. There’s also an outdoor play area which lots of sand, tunnels for crawling through and tractors to play on. Toddler heaven!

Aside from our little adventures, we currently have a jam packed weekly schedule including swimming lessons, Abricabeats music class and Mini Kindergym plus coffee and playdates. Who knew a toddler could have such a packed calendar!

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