• First birthday baby

    First Birthday

    March 15th 2021. Your first birthday. How has that happened? I don’t know how I feel. Happy or sad? You arrived nine weeks early, spent weeks in hospital but miraculously you’ve grown into a healthy, happy little boy. I shouldn’t ask for anything more. Yet I’m heartbroken for all you have missed out on during your first year. You weren’t able to see your Dad for two whole weeks during your time in hospital due to Covid restrictions. You didn’t meet your brother until you came home over five weeks after you were born. You’ve missed out on countless cuddles and smiles with family who live on the other side…

  • Baby sitting in snow with toddler in background

    Missing Out Because of Covid

    I think it’s safe to say that this past year has been tough for everyone and we’ve all been missing out because of Covid. I’ve found it so difficult having a toddler and baby to entertain but there are a few things I’ve missed in particular. Family The biggest thing for me has been not being allowed to see my family. I live in Scotland but they live in Wales. They were able to come up for a few nights in July, but were not allowed to stay in the house with us. They had to rent apartments nearby and we were only allowed to see them in the garden.…

  • Becoming more sustainable - Colourful pile of cloth nappies

    Becoming More Sustainable

    Becoming more sustainable is something we’ve been trying to do for a few years but recently we’ve stepped it up a gear. Since becoming a Mum, I’ve become really aware of how wasteful our lifestyle is. The main catalyst for my desire to change our lifestyle has been seeing just how many plastic toys we accumulated for Dylan in his first year that actually never really interested him all that much and just ended up cluttering up the house. Now that I’ve realised how wasteful all this plastic is, I’ve become so aware of all of these disposable things we use for convenience which have such a harmful effect on…

  • What not to say to a NICU mum - photo of baby holding onto Mum's finger

    What Not to Say to a NICU Mum – 9 Things to Avoid

    Having had two premature babies, each needing weeks of neonatal care, I thought I was just about qualified to write a list of what not to say to a NICU mum or dad. Hopefully this will help if you have a friend or family member who is going through this tough experience. 1. “When will you get home?” This is a tricky one to answer. Do you mean when will I get home or do you mean when will baby get home, because the chances are I will get home much sooner than baby. In the worst cases, mum and dad might not actually be sure baby is going to…

  • Breastfeeding baby wearing blue at looking up at mum

    Breastfeeding With IGT – Heartbreaking but Fulfilling

    What is IGT? IGT stands for insufficient glandular tissue and is a condition where a woman’s breasts have not got enough tissue to produce a full milk supply to sustain her baby. It is difficult to diagnose as there are so many other factors which might cause low milk supply. Breastfeeding with IGT is not necessarily impossible but it can be extremely challenging both physically and mentally. You can get more information here on the Kellymom website. Breastfeeding Dylan I never managed to get to a full supply with Dylan. I had lots of complications during my pregnancy and birth, plus Dylan was premature. All of these factors can be…

  • Life

    Exploring as a Family of 4

    This morning we had our first proper adventure exploring as a family of 4. Up until then, we’d only been out walking together around the streets near our house. With a toddler who hates being trapped in his pram, we really haven’t managed to ve innture far from the house at all the past few months. But with lockdown starting to ease, we decided to get some fresh air in the woods just a 5 minute drive from our house. It was so good to be outside and not walking the same few streets. Dylan was able to explore and there were very few people around so we weren’t having…

  • Newborn feet

    Harris’ Arrival – Having A Premature Baby During A Global Pandemic

    Having a premature baby is hard, but having one during a global pandemic was on another level. Harris arrived 9 weeks early. He just had to do one better than his big brother by arriving even earlier and during the coronavirus pandemic. During my pregnancy with Dylan, I developed pre-eclampsia which led to him being born ahead of schedule. This meant that when I was pregnant with Harris, I had extra monitoring and was seen by the consultant throughout my pregnancy. Aside from a bit of sickness early on and some back/hip pain as the pregnancy progressed, my blood pressure was behaving and everything seemed to be going really well…

  • Newborn baby wrapped in swaddle

    A New Arrival

    On March 15th 2020 we welcomed our second little boy into the world. Harris Finn 3lb 13oz Harris was born 9 weeks early so it was all a bit of a suprise to say the least. He spent just over 5 weeks in hospital until he was strong enough to come home. Having him home is the best feeling and Dylan loves being a big brother. Our house is full of love, cuddles and so many nappies!

  • Plate of cookies with toddlers hand reaching for one

    Toddler Approved Banana Cookies

    Dylan has been a bit off his food the last few days due to painful gums from teething so I’ve been trying to cook his favourite foods to try and entice him to eat something. One thing he can’t get enough of is banana so I thought I’d try and create some healthy banana cookies for him. To say they went down well is an understatement. They were so simple to make and Dylan had lots of fun helping me bake them and licking the bowl! For some of our other favourite recipes click here!

  • Baby eating spaghetti
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    Favourite Recipes To Share With Baby

    I love food, Mik loves food and we are so pleased that Dylan also loves food. I thought I would put together a list of our favourite recipes to share with baby. We still love to eat these meals together even though Dylan is definitely now a toddler, not a baby any more. Banana oak pikelets These are great for breakfast, as a snack while out and about or as a quick lunch when defrosted from the freezer. We’ve tried lots of flavours and our favourites are banana and cinnamon, cheese and tomato or cheese and pea. Porridge with plums and almond This recipe isn’t officially a baby/toddler recipe but…