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Baby Prep – What I’m Reading

I’ve found it a bit overwhelming just how much information is available on pregnancy and looking after your newborn. There are a few books which have been helping me through so I thought I would share them with you. There is so much to think about and being a first time mum I really want to make sure I’m doing everything right, especially after my previous pregnancy ended in such a traumatic way. I feel a bit paranoid that I’m going to do something wrong which will affect my baby. These books have helped me feel a little more informed and in control.

Mother and Baby Pregnancy Milestones

This gives a summary of what to expect in each trimester. It also has some information about pre-conception and birth. I read most of this book in the first few weeks of my pregnancy and it gave me an idea of what to expect.

Your Pregnancy Week by Week

This book contains a week by week commantary on how your baby is developing and the sort of symptoms you might be experiencing that week. I like that there is just a page or two to read every week and it’s a useful way to remind myself of information I read in the previous book. This book also contains some handy reminders, such as when to speak to your midwife about the whooping cough immunisation or booking ante-natal classes etc. Mik has been reading this one every week as well.

Expecting a Baby?

Like the previous book, this also contains a week-by-week summary. Both books being part of the One Born Every Minute series, this section is very similar in the two books, but not identical. The week by week section however is just a small part of Expecting a Baby? It also contains lots of detail on looking after yourself, antenatal tests, birth and looking after your new arrival. I read some of this at the start of my pregnancy but have found it useful to dip in and out of as the weeks go on and we start thinking about planning for the birth and what we need to buy for baby.

Breastfeeding Made Easy

This book explains the Miskin Method of breastfeeding. I’m hoping to breastfeed my baby so wanted to get some information before the birth as I know it can be tricky. The book goes into the science of breastfeeding which is actually really interesting. The first few chapters are designed to be read before you give birth and the rest are more suited to after you have started feeding. There are lots of colourful diagrams and it’s very easy to read. There is a large section on troubleshooting which I imagine will be really useful, especially at the start when baby and I are both learning.

Breastfeeding: The Essential Guide

This book didn’t take me long to read at all. It isn’t as detailed as the previous book but I found it really useful. It’s very readable and talks about why breastfeeding is beneficial, both to mum and baby, the actual process of breastfeeding and how to persevere when you or baby are struggling to feed. It’s written in a really positive way which has made me feel a little less nervous about the whole thing as I’ve read some slightly scary breastfeeding stories online. I’d definitely recommend this one if you’re not sure whether you want to give breastfeeding a go or not.

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