Baby Prep – What We’ve Bought So Far

Preparing for baby’s arrival is a little overwhelming. There is so much stuff you need to buy but it’s sometimes hard to figure out what is actually needed and what is just good marketing. With just two months to go before baby arrives, here are some of the things we’ve bought so far.


There is lots of advice out there about safe sleeping. Based on what we’ve read, we have decided to use baby sleeping bags but also have some swaddling blankets on hand in case we need them. For the very early days, we’ve got a GroSnug which is suitable for babies between 5lbs and 12lbs. It’s been acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a “hip-healthy” product.  The idea is that baby feels swaddled and safe but still has room to move their legs around.

We’ve also got a Babywool sleeping bag in the 0-6months size. This sleeping bag has been awarded the Allergy UK Seal of Approval so is suitable for babies with allergies, asthma or eczema. I suffer from hayfever and Mik suffers from asthma so when I saw this sleeping bag I knew I wanted to get one for our baby just in case he/she ends up taking after one or both of us! The Babywool sleeping bag contains British wool which is good for regulating temperature, is hypoallergenic and naturally flame retardant.


As I mentioned a few months ago in this post, I’m planning to breastfeed which is great for saving a bit of money at an expensive time. So far, I’ve bought the Lansinoh Disposable Breast Pads and the Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream. I’ve also picked up some cute bibs and muslins from Primark and Matalan – I especially love the Winnie the Pooh muslins from Primark!


It’s so hard to resist picking up cute baby clothes – they seem to be everywhere! We’ve bought a few new items but have also been very lucky to have been given loads of great second hand clothes from family. The first set we bought was this super cute pack from Mamas and Papas right after our 12 week scan! The clothes in Mamas and Papas are gorgeous although a bit pricier than other bits we’ve bought. The multipack set was much better value than buying the items separately though so I would recommend doing it that way!

I’ve picked up lots of lovely stuff from Primark and Tesco so far. They are amazing value and so many cute designs to choose from. I’ve got a mixture of newborn, 0-3 months and 3-6 months stuff and have stuck mainly to babygrows for the time being. They seem a lot more practical for the early months.

Bath Time

How sweet is this hooded towel? Just £4.50 from Primark, I couldn’t believe the price! I’ve also got this whale bath toy which doubles as a jug for washing hair. I know baby won’t be using this for a few months but I couldn’t resist buying it when I saw it! I’m planning to use natural baby products wherever possible but I haven’t really started buying things yet. I’ve got the Weleda Nappy Cream as a start but have also picked up some Sudocrem as I’ve read that sometimes it’s just the only cream that works. This way I’ve got the option and can switch to Sudocrem if the Weleda Cream isn’t up to the job of clearing up stubborn nappy rash.


After multiple trips to Mothercare and John Lewis and hours of online research, we’ve finally chosen the Uppababy Vista. It’s not a brand I had heard of before getting pregnant but it was recommended by a friend and it really does seem like the perfect pram.

I tried folding up so many different prams and this was by far the easiest one to do. It’s also really light to push and turn corners. It’s a little bigger than some of the prams we looked at but that means it has a massive storage basket underneath which should be very useful. The carrycot itself is suitable for overnight sleeping so we can use it if we are away for a night or even just for daytime naps downstairs in the house. We like that you can adjust the seating arrangements to accommodate more children so it gives us that extra flexibility if and when we do have a second baby. Obviously we’ve not been able to use the pram yet but watch this space for a full review in a few months time!

  • Some of these items have been gifted but all opinions are my own

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