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Recently I’ve veered away from my usual choice of thriller novels or chic lit and have been surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed the two non fiction books I’ve read. This Is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay and Hard Pushed: A Midwife’s Story by Leah Hazard both give a fascinating insight into working for the NHS.

I read This is Going to Hurt first and it only took me a matter of days to get through it, even with a baby to look after! It’s written like a diary so is just too easy to pick up and read an extract or two if you have a spare 30 seconds. I couldn’t believe some of the stories in the book but my junior doctor sister has confirmed that things like that regularly happen on the wards. It’s given me more appreciation for just how hard junior doctors work.

When I spotted Hard Pushed just a few days after I finished This is Going to Hurt, I couldn’t not read it, especially as I saw more than my fair share of midwives last year. I wasn’t disappointed and really enjoyed reading it. Another interesting read.

Moving on to some of the recent fiction I’ve read, The Sapphire Widow is one of my favourites from the past couple of months. It’s written by Dinah Jefferies who is an author I’ve enjoyed before. It’s a tale of love and deception set in exotic Ceylon (modern day Sri Lanka). A brilliant book from an author I always look out for.

On My Life by Angela Clarke surprised me. Reading the blurb, I was sure that I’d enjoy reading it but assumed it would be one of those books that blurs into others almost immediately after finishing it. The majority of books I’ve read end up that way as I do read a fair amount and lots of the books I choose are quite samey. Sometimes all I want is an easy read that I know I’ll enjoy at the time so I end up picking the same kind of book time after time! On My Life is definitely an easy read but there are enough twists and turns to make it memorable. It’s also set in a prison which is different enough for it to stick in my mind. I’d definitely recommend this if you’re after an easy, fast-paced, “who done it” kind of book.

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