• Natural deodorant by Norfolk Natural Living

    Going Natural With Norfolk Natural Living Deodorant

    Natural deodorant is one of those things I’ve not gotten on with in the past. I’ve tried a few and have never found one that works and I’ve also not enjoyed the fact that the majority were unscented. Norfolk Natural Living’s Deodorant has completely changed my view on natural deodorants. The packaging is smart, it smells great (not at all synthetic) and best of all it actually works. Norfolk Natural Living’s deodorant is 100% natural, free from toxins, packaged in completely recyclable bottles and never tested on animals. The parabens and aluminium found in traditional deodorants have been replaced with essential oils and added natural minerals. The deodorant is perfectly suited…

  • Beauty

    Current Curly Girl Routine

    As I mentioned a few months ago, I’m currently using the curly girl method to try and improve the health of my hair. It’s actually my second try as I did give it a go a while back but gave up when I was pregnant as my hair wasn’t doing well at all. I thought I would run through my current curly girl routine as I’ve been doing my research and have finally started to find products that work for my hair. Hair Porosity A few months ago I worked out that I have very low porosity hair. This explains why products usually look and feel like they are sitting…

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    Flora & Curl

    Continuing my quest to find curly girl approved products that actually work for my hair, I stumbled across Flora & Curl, a company creating plant based hair products especially for curly hair and free from chemicals. They aim to simplify curly haircare routines and have only a handful of products. For me, this sounded perfect as I sometimes struggle with the overwhelming variety of curly hair products. I’m just not sure which products I need and which order I should apply them in. I read lots of great reviews about the Flora & Curl products which are apparently suitable for all curly hair types. I mentioned in this post that…

  • Tub of Botanicals Nourish Cleanse Melt with pink label

    Botanicals Cleanse Melt

    Botanicals has long been one of my favourite brands (this hand serum in particular is just fantastic) but it’s been quite some time since I’ve tried anything new from them. Enter the Nourish Cleanse Melt which I am super impressed with. The Brand Botanicals create artisan skin care products that are are made fresh, in small batches. All of their products are vegan and none are tested on animals. As the products are 100% natural, they are all completely biodegradable with no traces of micro beads or plastics. Botanicals are also careful about packaging products, using glass bottles and jars where possible and only recyclable plastics in cases where plastic…

  • Various products suitable for curly girl method

    My “Curly Girl” Attempt

    I briefly mentioned here about my attempt at the “curly girl” method. This involves cutting out silicones and only using completely natural products on your hair. I first started trying the curly girl method around Christmas in 2016. We’d recently got engaged and I wanted to try and sort out my dry, frizzy hair before the wedding. After reading lots about how wonderful the method was and looking at tonnes of photos of amazing curls, I was expecting big things. I knew it might take a few weeks for my hair to transition from dry and frizzy to sleek, hydrated and voluminous but the weeks turned into months and I never…

  • Coco & Eve Like A Virgin

    Coco & Eve Like A Virgin – Miracle Hair Mask?

    A few months ago I started getting a million adverts on Instagram for the Coco & Eve Like A Virgin hair mask. The before and after pictures looked incredible and I was in the midst of a dry hair crisis caused by my crazy pregnancy hormones (in addition to the dry skin situation). I’d been using the “curly girl” method for almost a year before getting pregnant which involves cutting out silicones and only using completely natural products. Lots of curly girls also stop washing their hair completely but I was washing mine every other week with a gentle sulphate free shampoo which seemed to be working for me –…

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    Liquid Gold

    Liquid Gold is a haircare range from Irresistible Me which contains pure argan oil. It claims to be a cure for damaged, frizzy, brittle and lifeless hair and I think my hair fits the bill on all counts. I have been using both the shampoo and conditioner for around a month now and have completely fallen in love with them! First of all, the colour matches perfectly with my bathroom which is a bonus , but also they have transformed my hair. I’ve always suffered from very dry ends which feel like straw and look so frizzy. The underneath of my hair is also a lot curlier and drier than the…

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    Umberto Giannini Curl Friends

    For the past few weeks, I have been using the Umberto Giannini range for curly hair, aptly named Curl Friends. I have all but given up trying new hair products as I always end up going back to the same two products from Avon – the Quick Touch Leave In Conditioner and the Dry Ends Serum – but I was intrigued by some of the products in the Curl Friends range so thought I would be brave and try them out. I haven’t used mousse for years now because I tend to find that it makes my hair feel and look extremely dry and usually crispy. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the…