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    Missing Out Because of Covid

    I think it’s safe to say that this past year has been tough for everyone and we’ve all been missing out because of Covid. I’ve found it so difficult having a toddler and baby to entertain but there are a few things I’ve missed in particular. Family The biggest thing for me has been not being allowed to see my family. I live in Scotland but they live in Wales. They were able to come up for a few nights in July, but were not allowed to stay in the house with us. They had to rent apartments nearby and we were only allowed to see them in the garden.…

  • Becoming more sustainable - Colourful pile of cloth nappies

    Becoming More Sustainable

    Becoming more sustainable is something we’ve been trying to do for a few years but recently we’ve stepped it up a gear. Since becoming a Mum, I’ve become really aware of how wasteful our lifestyle is. The main catalyst for my desire to change our lifestyle has been seeing just how many plastic toys we accumulated for Dylan in his first year that actually never really interested him all that much and just ended up cluttering up the house. Now that I’ve realised how wasteful all this plastic is, I’ve become so aware of all of these disposable things we use for convenience which have such a harmful effect on…

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    Exploring as a Family of 4

    This morning we had our first proper adventure exploring as a family of 4. Up until then, we’d only been out walking together around the streets near our house. With a toddler who hates being trapped in his pram, we really haven’t managed to ve innture far from the house at all the past few months. But with lockdown starting to ease, we decided to get some fresh air in the woods just a 5 minute drive from our house. It was so good to be outside and not walking the same few streets. Dylan was able to explore and there were very few people around so we weren’t having…

  • Toddler playing with toy kitchen

    Hello 2020

    How is it 2020 already?! Last January, I wrote a list of things I wanted to accomplish in 2019. I’ve just looked back over them and, perhaps not unsurprisingly, I’ve not managed to get through all of them! My goals for 2020 are simple – to have baby number two and get used to life as a family of three. Of course there are always jobs to do around the house and garden, trips to take, family to visit, but this year my focus is just going to be on Dylan, the new baby and Mik. We’re already halfway through this pregnancy and it’s starting to feel very real. We’ve…

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    Adventures With A Toddler

    Every day with a toddler is an adventure. Dylan seems to have never-ending energy nowadays and loves getting outside to explore. In The Woods Last week we pulled on our wellies and headed outside into the woods which back onto our house. Now that the weather is turning, Dylan had lots of fun watching the leaves falling off the trees and squishing the soggy leaves on the ground. We spent a long time exploring a puddle. We both splashed, he fished for twigs under the water and he fell on his bottom where he stayed for a good few minutes. After that we bailed home, both covered in mud and…

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    Natural Light and a Happy Home

    When we looked around this house for the first time, we just loved how much natural light it had. Fast forward four years and it’s still one of my favourite things about our house. We’ve repainted most of the rooms with pale colours to make the most of the light and during the summer months the house is such a lovely airy place to be. It’s made even better by the very long days we get here in the North East of Scotland. During the peak of summer, it doesn’t really get properly dark at all. Scottish Winters Of course, the opposite is true during the winter when it feels…

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    Recently we’ve been so busy, we’ve hardly had time to breathe. Wedding Bells Dylan’s first birthday week was all go! We kicked off with a wedding in Aviemore so my mum and step-dad came up to look after Dylan for the day. It was the first time I’d left him during the day for more than an hour or so and I was really nervous but everything went ok and he had a brilliant day with his grandparents. Luckily the wedding was close to the hotel where we were staying so I was able to nip back to feed him and put him to bed which made me feel much…

  • View of a garden through window with open EcoFit blinds fitted

    Thinking Ahead with Made to Measure Blackout Blinds

    I’ve become obsessed with blocking out all light in Dylan’s bedroom as it’s amazing how much better he sleeps when it’s totally dark. When we planned Dylan’s nursery, we didn’t really consider how dark we would need the room to be as we had no experience of helping a little person get to (and stay) asleep. We choose a roller blackout blind which is the same thing we use in our bedroom and it’s just fine for us. However, the amount of light that comes in around the edge of the blind is incredible and you really notice it when your baby wakes at 4.30am and thinks it’s morning. Each…

  • Mum and baby walking outside cottage

    The Dairy at Daviot – Our First Holiday As A Three

    Last week we stayed at The Dairy at Daviot for our first proper holiday as a threesome. We’ve made the trip to visit family in Cardiff a couple of times already and went to the Lake District for an extended family holiday but this was our first time away with just us. It’s become a sort of tradition for us to go on holiday during the last week of May. It’s the week we got married in Santorini two years ago and the week of our babymoon last year. But it really started before our wedding as a way to avoid the high prices and hot temperatures of the summer…

  • Swans and ducks on Lake Windermere

    Family Get-Together at Windermere Marina Village

    I love a good family get-together. We live on the other side of the country to most of my family so it’s hard to get everyone together unless we travel all the way down there. Now that Dylan is here, it’s not quite as easy to jump on a plane as frequently as we used to. Which is where Windermere Marina Village comes in. Pretty much half way between us, it’s a holiday village set on the banks of Lake Windermere with a selection of houses and apartments to suit all family set ups. There were quite a lot of us so we ended up renting two properties. My sisters,…