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    And then he was one. Our tiny little baby boy is now a cheeky toddler. Happy first birthday Dylan. It feels like yesterday that we met you but it also feels like we’ve known you forever. You’ve come so far in the past year and have turned into such a happy boy. You are an adventurer and are becoming so confident with walking. Emptying out the sock drawer is one of your favourite things to do. Let’s hope you learn how to put the socks back soon! You smile and wave at everyone you meet which can make a quick trip to the shops take much longer than planned as…

  • 10 month old Dylan and mum

    After Maternity Leave

    Time Flies Dylan is now 11 months old. I can hardly believe how quickly the past year has gone. It feels like a blink of an eye since my waters broke unexpectedly in the early hours, 6 whole weeks before they were supposed to. For the past few months I’ve been in a quandary about what to do after my maternity leave ends. I enjoy my job and I’ve worked so hard for it, but I love spending time with Dylan and can’t imagine having to leave him at nursery. Plus he’s only going to be little once and it already feels like it’s whizzing by too fast. We signed…

  • Baby in sun hat crawling on lawn

    On The Move

    For a few weeks now, since our trip to the Lake District in fact, Dylan has officially been on the move. He’s been showing interest in standing for a long time but didn’t seem at all bothered about crawling. If we put him on his tummy, he’d tolerate it for a few minutes but made little effort to crawl. That changed about a week or so before he he actually crawled. When we put him on his tummy, he started wriggling and trying desperately to move. He got so frustrated but finally managed to slither across the room – I wouldn’t call it a crawl and it took forever but…

  • Pyramid of BabyLed sweet spreads
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    BabyLed Spreads

    Dylan loves to eat. I’m not exaggerating when I say that he would happily eat all day long if he could. I’ve never struggled at all to get food into him and he’s been jumping up the centiles since starting solids which is amazing as he was so small for the first few months of his life and we struggled so much with feeding in the beginning. He’s full of joy the moment food is put in front of him and is always up for trying new flavours and textures. One thing I’ve steered away from is giving him overly sweet foods, mainly because I don’t want him to start…

  • Colourful water beads

    Sensory Play Ideas

    Watching Dylan explore the world around him is one of my favourite things about being a mum. Seeing things through the eyes of a baby makes everything feel much more exciting. Just a walk to the shop around the corner to buy some milk becomes a great big adventure with birds to listen to, cars to watch speeding past and a handful of new people to smile at. Being at home is maybe not quite as interesting as he spends more time here so is more used to it. I’ve got a few sensory play ideas for around the house which Dylan loves so I thought it would be worth…

  • Babywool sleeping bag purple lable on white sleeping bag with colourful star pattern

    Babywool Sleeping Bag

    Before Dylan was born, we were kindly gifted a Babywool sleeping bag for him to try out. We were sent the 0-6 months size but due to him being so small, we actually only started using it when he was over 4 months old. Up until then, he slept in the GroSnug with his arms all tucked in which he seemed to find really comfy. Moving him into the Babywool Sleeping bag was quite challenging as he needed to sleep with his arms out. We tried quite a few times to switch over but each time he kept startling himself awake so often we ended up reverting to the GroSnug.…

  • Baby sitting on a bench in a park

    Ten Minute Time Out

    Yesterday, Dylan was having one of those grizzly days. He was just getting over a cold and hadn’t been sleeping well for weeks. I was trying to pursuade him that a nap would be a brilliant idea before his swimming class but he was having none of it. I decided to leave half an hour early to see if he would drift off in the car. Don’t ask me why I thought this would be a good idea – he absolutely hates going in the car and pretty much always screams blue murder! Not surprisingly, he didn’t fall asleep and was not happy with me one bit. We gave up…

  • Selection of baby books
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    Current Bedtime Story Favourites

    Reading with Dylan is one of my absolute favourite things to do. I’ve always been a bookworm and I really hope he enjoys reading just as much as I do. I’m trying to get him into reading a bedtime story while he’s still young. He definitely likes looking at the pictures and trying to turn pages already so I think we’re off to a good start. As part of Dylan’s bedtime routine, I like to read him a story or two either before his bath or after he’s had a quick baby massage. The List My all time favourite has to be Guess How Much I Love You. It’s just…

  • Baby playing piano

    Mum Guilt

    Does anyone else suffer from mum guilt? Since Dylan has arrived I find myself feeling guilty for the littlest of things like wanting half an hour to myself for a soak in the bath or hoping he will have a nap in his cot so that I can make a cup of coffee with two hands! Of course, there are the bigger things as well. I feel unbelievably guilty that I gave birth to him so early and wasn’t able to keep him safe for the whole 9 months that most babies get. I feel really angry that my body decided to make him come into the world before he…

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    Favourite Things

    Sometimes it feels as though I’ve got no time for myself any more but on those rare occasions that Dylan actually falls asleep in his cot or basket, instead of on me, I find myself missing him even when I am right there. This is one of those moments. I’m sitting next to Dylan as he sleeps peacefully, almost hoping that he will wake up and need a cuddle from me. It’s sad to think that one day he will be big enough that he no longer needs me to comfort him when he wakes up. Even though I rarely sleep in stretches longer than 4 hours any more, I…