Coco & Eve Like A Virgin – Miracle Hair Mask?

A few months ago I started getting a million adverts on Instagram for the Coco & Eve Like A Virgin hair mask. The before and after pictures looked incredible and I was in the midst of a dry hair crisis caused by my crazy pregnancy hormones (in addition to the dry skin situation). I’d been using the “curly girl” method for almost a year before getting pregnant which involves cutting out silicones and only using completely natural products. Lots of curly girls also stop washing their hair completely but I was washing mine every other week with a gentle sulphate free shampoo which seemed to be working for me – until I got pregnant that is! I looked into the Coco  & Eve mask but was disappointed to find that it contains silicones so would be breaking the curly girl rules.

However, the adverts kept popping up and my hair was getting drier and frizzier by the minute so I eventually decided to make an exception and break the no silicones rule. At £35, it’s the most I’ve ever spent on a hair mask but I really was getting desperate. The mask comes with a free tangle teaser and the packaging does look pretty and high end which makes me feel a little better about the high cost.

Coco & Eve Like A Virgin

Coco & Eve Like A Virgin

Coco & Eve Like A Virgin

Coco & Eve Like A Virgin

The Verdict?

The guidance is to apply to mask to wet hair for 5-10 minutes but I decided to leave it on overnight to give my hair extra time to absorb it. I was so excited to see the results but I have to admit that I was a little underwhelmed. Yes, my hair felt softer and was marginally less frizzy, but it was nothing like the transformation I’d seen in the adverts and testimonials on the Coco & Eve website. Maybe my hair was in such a state that even this miracle mask couldn’t help? I’ve been using it around once a week for the past few months and while it been beneficial in the way that lots of hair masks are, I don’t think it’s managed to transform my hair in the way I was hoping for.

During my second trimester, my hair and skin have become naturally less dry (thankfully!) and I’ve also starting washing my hair with conditioner instead of shampoo each time which has helped hydrate it. While the Coco & Eve mask is definitely a good hair mask, I won’t be buying it again as for me it doesn’t work any better than other (cheaper) brands which are curly girl friendly – like the Garnier Ultimate Blends range. I feel like I’ve been a bit gullible in believing the adverts so easily but I think I’m allowed to blame it on my confused pregnancy hormones!


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