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Current Bedtime Story Favourites

Selection of baby books

Reading with Dylan is one of my absolute favourite things to do. I’ve always been a bookworm and I really hope he enjoys reading just as much as I do. I’m trying to get him into reading a bedtime story while he’s still young. He definitely likes looking at the pictures and trying to turn pages already so I think we’re off to a good start.

As part of Dylan’s bedtime routine, I like to read him a story or two either before his bath or after he’s had a quick baby massage.

The List

My all time favourite has to be Guess How Much I Love You. It’s just so lovely, how could anyone not like it? I think this one is more for me just now as Dylan isn’t overly interested in the pictures yet which are quite muted and aimed at slightly older children. Listening to me or Mik read it does calm him down, although I’m fairly sure it’s just our voices at the moment not the story itself.

Then there are the That’s Not My series. We’ve got a handful of these already – cow, plane, snowman, elephant – and I’m sure we’ll get more in the future as they are just brilliant. The pictures are so colourful and Dylan is always reaching out to try and touch them and feel the different textures. The pages are nice and sturdy too for little hands. We have lots of fun reading these.

I remember Each Peach Pear Plum from when I was little. The pictures are nice and bright and as Dylan gets older he will be able to take part a bit more and search for the characters hidden on each page.

My Nan, Dylan’s Great Nan, bought him a lovely book when he was born. It’s full of nursery rhymes but is also personalised. There is a message from her at the front and each page has Dylan’s name hidden somewhere for him to find. It’s such a thoughtful gift and Dylan loves hearing all the nursery rhymes. His current favourite is Incy Wincy Spider, complete with hand actions of course.

It’s hard to narrow down but nearly there, I promise….

Dylan had another personalised book for Christmas, from his Nan and Bamps. It’s called Dylan Goes To Sleep and tells the story of little Dylan getting ready for bed. Again, this one is probably more for me just now but it’s definitely a regular in our bedtime routine and I know Dylan will have great fun when he’s older reading his own name in an actual book.

Another gift, this one from my Uncle. Gallop is an amazing book which has moving pictures. We read this one all the time and Dylan is fascinated by the moving animals.

Selection of baby books with baby reaching for one

These are just a few of the books we read at bedtime but they are the most popular in our house at the minute. I’m sure this list will change regularly as Dylan grows so I’ll be sure to revisit it. I’d love to hear your favourite bedtime stories so we can discover some more books.

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