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Favourite Recipes To Share With Baby

I love food, Mik loves food and we are so pleased that Dylan also loves food. I thought I would put together a list of our favourite recipes to share with baby. We still love to eat these meals together even though Dylan is definitely now a toddler, not a baby any more.

Baby eating spaghetti

Banana oak pikelets

These are great for breakfast, as a snack while out and about or as a quick lunch when defrosted from the freezer. We’ve tried lots of flavours and our favourites are banana and cinnamon, cheese and tomato or cheese and pea.

Porridge with plums and almond

This recipe isn’t officially a baby/toddler recipe but we just omit the maple syrup from Dylan’s portion and also use a couple of teaspoons of almond butter for extra nuttiness.


I don’t follow a specific recipe for making fajitas. I usually fry off some onion, red or yellow pepper, chicken and garlic and then add spices (cumin, smoked paprika, mild chilli powder) together with a squeeze of tomato puree and simmer while I cook the rice. If we’re having a meat free meal, I swap the chicken out for some sweet potatoes or black beans. When everything else is ready, I add some lime zest and juice plus some fresh coriander before serving. I serve with warmed wraps, grated cheddar, cucumber slices, sour cream and homemade salsa which is just finely chopped red onion and tomatoes, lime juice and fresh coriander.

Dylan absolutely loves having his own little wraps made up for him and choosing which bits and pieces he’d like to eat. The first time we did fajitas with him, we gave him a deconstructed fajita which we thought would be easier for him to manage. He got so upset and we realised that he wanted his wrapped up like Mum and Dad! He surprised us by managing to eat a filled wrap pretty well all on his own.

Meatballs and spaghetti

Again, I don’t follow a specific recipe for these as there are so many out there we like to experiment! Dylan loves lamb, pork or beef meatballs with tomato sauce and spaghetti. I always make a double batch of meatballs and freeze half so we have a quick and easy meal waiting for those busy days.

Chicken and mango curry

This mild, sweet curry is the perfect starter curry for a baby. It also has enough flavour that Mik and I look forward to it as well.

So there you have it – our favourite recipes to share with baby. I’m sure this list will just keep getting longer as there are so many great recipes out there for babies and toddlers which I’m yet to try!

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