Hello 2020

How is it 2020 already?! Last January, I wrote a list of things I wanted to accomplish in 2019. I’ve just looked back over them and, perhaps not unsurprisingly, I’ve not managed to get through all of them!

My goals for 2020 are simple – to have baby number two and get used to life as a family of three. Of course there are always jobs to do around the house and garden, trips to take, family to visit, but this year my focus is just going to be on Dylan, the new baby and Mik.

We’re already halfway through this pregnancy and it’s starting to feel very real. We’ve started talking more to Dylan about the baby. It’s hard to know how much he really understands but he does seem fascinated by my growing bump. If we ask where baby is, he will point to my tummy, or give it a kiss, then point to his own shaking his head as if to say “no baby in Dylan’s tummy”. It’s very cute! We’ve also had a few books out of the library about babies and becoming a big brother and he loves pointing out the pictures of babies. I think he’s going to make the best big brother!

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Hello, I'm Helena. Mum to two beautiful boys and wife to Mik. Born and bred in South Wales but now living in North East Scotland where I've given up my job as an engineer to be a stay-at-home Mum. I hope you enjoy following along with our parenting journey here.

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