Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold is a haircare range from Irresistible Me which contains pure argan oil. It claims to be a cure for damaged, frizzy, brittle and lifeless hair and I think my hair fits the bill on all counts. I have been using both the shampoo and conditioner for around a month now and have completely fallen in love with them! First of all, the colour matches perfectly with my bathroom which is a bonus , but also they have transformed my hair.

Liquid Gold

I’ve always suffered from very dry ends which feel like straw and look so frizzy. The underneath of my hair is also a lot curlier and drier than the top layer and I often end up with these sections looking much shorter. This shampoo/conditioner really moisturises right to the very end of my hair leaving it feel so much softer and the super curly sections are relaxed making my hair look longer. It’s even managed to make a difference to the ends of my hair so that they no longer feel like straw! My favourite thing is that the conditioner is very lightweight so it doesn’t leave my hair looking greasy or weighed down which is an issue I’ve come across when using some of the other argan oil haircare ranges out there. The argan oil also gives my hair a bit of shine and makes it look healthier.

Irresistible Me is a US company and you can buy the shampoo and conditioner for $24 each which works out to be around £16 each. Although that sounds quite expensive, the bottles are pretty big at 500ml. The shipping costs are around the same as what you would pay for delivery from a UK website and I was very impressed with how quickly my parcel arrived – I think it was about three or four days. Liquid Gold definitely feels more luxurious than the usual brands I buy from the supermarket and I love that it actually delivered on everything it claims to be able to do, so I think the higher prices are justified. I know I’ll be ordering again!

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  • Cathy Anderson

    Hello! I’ve been trying to find where I can purchase this Liquid Gold shampoo and conditioner. I can’t find it on the Irresistible Me website. Do you know where or what site I can purchase it from?
    Thank you!

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