Plans for 2019

Notepad and fountain pen

I’m not usually one for New Year’s resolutions but I do have a few plans for 2019. I thought it would be a good idea to write them down so I don’t forget anything – baby brain is real!

Start Dylan on solids 

I’m very excited to see what foods Dylan enjoys (if a little sad that he’s growing up so quickly!). Mik and I both love our food so hopefully Dylan will be the same. I’m planning to do baby led weaning, with some purees added in as well. I’m hoping to have time to cook the majority of his food myself, which should be ok as he’ll have modified versions of what we are having for dinner, but will obviously have some of the pre-made sachets for emergencies!

Teach Dylan how to swim

We have plants to start lessons at the end of the month and I’m hoping to take Dylan with Mik as well outside of his lessons.

Take some family trips

We have a trip to the Lake District planned with my mum, stepdad, sisters, stepbrothers and partners in the spring which we are really looking forward to. We’re in the process of planning a visit to York with my dad, sisters and partners and also a trip to The Borders with Mik’s family. For Christmas, my dad booked tickets for the family to see The Proclaimers in Glasgow this September so that’s another weekend away. I really want Dylan to spend lots of time with the extended family even though we are so spread out and these trips will be a lovely way to do it.

Take our first holiday as a family of three

We haven’t decided where to go yet but we are thinking of trying to book a cottage for a few days on the West Coast and maybe a city break in Copenhagen.

Go out for a date night

Since Dylan was born, the longest I’ve been away from him has been a couple of trips to Tesco while Mik has had him at home so 45 minutes tops. We’ve not left him with anyone else yet but have tickets to see Brian Cox for the end of February so that will be our first evening out together. I’m already feeling a bit nervous so hopefully I won’t change my mind last minute! The plan is for me to put him to bed before we leave as that’s what he’s used to. Hopefully he will then sleep through until we get home and do his dream feed. Although I’m sure Granny will be able to manage it if he does wake up in between! We’ve also got plans to see Rhod Gilbert in June and would like to go for an anniversary meal in May.

De-clutter the house

I had grand plans to do this in my few weeks of maternity leave before Dylan arrived. However, his early arrival meant that I didn’t actually get any maternity leave before he was born. Now that he’s here we’ve accumulated so much more stuff and the house is getting a bit too full. I definitely need to get around to doing a big clear out in the next couple of months.

Paint the bathroom

This is another of those jobs that has been on the list for ages. We even bought paint about a year ago but didn’t get round to actually using it. It should be an easy job and were just freshening up an already white wall with more white. I’m planning to get a new colourful blind though as the current black one looks a bit gloomy.

Give the garden some TLC

Our back garden is just a square of grass. Since we moved in over 3 years ago, we’ve wanted to put in some beds so I’m hoping that this year will be the year. We want add a couple of raised beds too.

Sort out photo albums

I had been in a good routine of printing off photos every few months and putting them into albums but I’ve not gotten round to it since before I got pregnant. I’ve been printing photos since Dylan was born using the Free Prints app but really need to get them arranged into albums so that they don’t get forgotten about.

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