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BabyLed Spreads

Dylan loves to eat. I’m not exaggerating when I say that he would happily eat all day long if he could. I’ve never struggled at all to get food into him and he’s been jumping up the centiles since starting solids which is amazing as he was so small for the first few months of his life and we struggled so much with feeding in the beginning. He’s full of joy the moment food is put in front of him and is always up for trying new flavours and textures.

One thing I’ve steered away from is giving him overly sweet foods, mainly because I don’t want him to start refusing savoury tastes if he develops the same sweet tooth as me. He loves fruit but he’s not had jams, biscuits, chocolate or cakes yet.

Pyramid of BabyLed sweet spreads

That’s where BabyLed sweet spreads come in. They contain an average of just 1.5g of sugar per 30g jar (1-2 servings). As a comparison, low sugar supermarket brands usually have around 12g of sugar per 30g. The BabyLed spreads are lower in sugar than many of the snacks from baby brands.

I had grand plans to use these spreads in exciting and experimental recipes for Dylan but as they arrived a couple of days before our holiday, we ended up taking them with us which actually worked out brilliantly. We tried one of each of the flavours:

  • Rhubarb and fig
  • Mango and apricot
  • Yummy strawberry
  • Tangy blueberry
  • Raspberry and beetroot
  • Apple and pumpkin

The pots contain 1-2 portions so are perfect for travel and taking out and about as you don’t have leftovers to deal with. They also don’t require heating so can be used easily on the go. I added them to porridge, yogurt, rice pudding, spread them on toast fingers and used them as a dip for apple slices. Dylan wolfed down every flavour! I tried each of them too and really enjoyed them. If they did them in bigger sizes I would definitely be buying them as an alternative to jam.

I know I’ll be buying the spreads again, both for travel and to try out some more interesting recipes in the house. I’d also like to try some of their savoury pots too. I think they’d be so helpful to have in the house, especially for lunches.

Lunches are the one meal I usually struggle with for inspiration. Before Dylan came along, I’d be happy with a sandwich or salad at my desk but now I feel like I need to give him something different and nutritious every day. If we’ve got a busy morning, I have no time to prep anything fancy so I end up resorting to a portion of something out of the freezer (ice cube trays have become my best friend) or a selection of finger foods, fruit and veg. The spreads look perfect as a quick pasta sauce or topping for mashed potato. I can’t wait to give them a go.

*Thanks to BabyLed Food for gifting us these spreads – they get top marks from us!

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