Babywool Sleeping Bag

Babywool sleeping bag purple lable on white sleeping bag with colourful star pattern

Before Dylan was born, we were kindly gifted a Babywool sleeping bag for him to try out. We were sent the 0-6 months size but due to him being so small, we actually only started using it when he was over 4 months old. Up until then, he slept in the GroSnug with his arms all tucked in which he seemed to find really comfy.

Moving him into the Babywool Sleeping bag was quite challenging as he needed to sleep with his arms out. We tried quite a few times to switch over but each time he kept startling himself awake so often we ended up reverting to the GroSnug. Eventually we had no choice but to switch as the GroSnug was just getting too tight. It took him a good few weeks to stop waking himself up multiple times a night and even now still does startle occasionally.

Now that we’ve finally made the transition, I’ve been very impressed with the Babywool bag. Babywool sleeping bags are certified naturally hypoallergenic by Allergy UK and the organic wool is perfect for keeping baby at a comfortable temperature. This particular one is currently priced at £44.99 so is more expensive than other sleeping bags out there but the fact that it is naturally hypoallergenic makes it worth the extra money in my opinion. I suffered from allergies when I was little and Mik had bad asthma as a child so we are a bit worried that Dylan will take after one of us.

I love the colourful star pattern of the Babywool bag and it just feels cosy compared to the GroSnug. The temperature in the house varies overnight as we don’t generally keep the heating on. When Dylan goes to bed at 7pm, the house is still 20°C but it starts dipping once the heating goes off at around 9pm. The sleeping bag is great for regulating Dylan’s temperature as he never seems to be too hot or too cold. It is easy to wrangle a wriggly post bath baby into the sleeping bag as it’s nice and roomy with easy access zips and poppers. It washes well and we’ve not ended up with any unsightly stains after little accidents.

Very pleased with our Babywool sleeping bag and we are grateful we had the chance to review it. Thanks Babywool!


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