• Plate of cookies with toddlers hand reaching for one

    Toddler Approved Banana Cookies

    Dylan has been a bit off his food the last few days due to painful gums from teething so I’ve been trying to cook his favourite foods to try and entice him to eat something. One thing he can’t get enough of is banana so I thought I’d try and create some healthy banana cookies for him. To say they went down well is an understatement. They were so simple to make and Dylan had lots of fun helping me bake them and licking the bowl! For some of our other favourite recipes click here!

  • Cake iced using chocolate butter cream with chocolate and orange ruffles around the edge

    Recipe: Chocolate Orange Cake

    Is there a better combination than chocolate and orange? I realised recently that it has been absolutely ages since I made a chocolate cake. Of course then I just had to make one, so decided to treat us to a chocolate orange cake. This is a super simple recipe. The cake itself takes just 10 minutes to prep and is out of the oven in 20 minutes. Whipping up the buttercream is a doddle too and you can make the icing as complicated or not as you’d like. I made a double batch of icing so that I would have enough to pipe extra decorations on the top, but you…

  • Chocolate bark topped with dried fruit, nuts and colourful chocolate eggs

    Recipe: Easy and Impressive Chocolate Bark

    Chocolate bark is one of those things that looks so much more impressive than the amount of time and skill you actually need to make it. It barely even requires a recipe being literally just melted chocolate topped with whatever it is that you fancy, or happen to have in your cupboard. I like making it for family get-togethers and it also works well as a handmade gift. The recipe I’ve included below is for my go-to version made using spicy dark chocolate and topped with dried fruit and nuts. The cayenne pepper used to give the chocolate some heat makes what might be a boring combination taste exciting. It’s…

  • Cupcakes topped with yellow buttercream flowers and green leaves

    Recipe: Honey and Lemon Cupcakes

    It’s been such a long time since I’ve made cupcakes but last weekend I decided to whip up a batch to take to a roast dinner with extended family. It also gave me a chance to test out my Russian piping tips which I was given for my birthday. This was only my second attempt at using them and I definitely need to practise a little more but I do love the effect that they give. These cakes are easy to make and you can make them look as fancy as you like by experimenting with the icing. Easy to make with hit of zesty lemon.