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    Breastfeeding With IGT – Heartbreaking but Fulfilling

    What is IGT? IGT stands for insufficient glandular tissue and is a condition where a woman’s breasts have not got enough tissue to produce a full milk supply to sustain her baby. It is difficult to diagnose as there are so many other factors which might cause low milk supply. Breastfeeding with IGT is not necessarily impossible but it can be extremely challenging both physically and mentally. You can get more information here on the Kellymom website. Breastfeeding Dylan I never managed to get to a full supply with Dylan. I had lots of complications during my pregnancy and birth, plus Dylan was premature. All of these factors can be…

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    Mum Guilt

    Does anyone else suffer from mum guilt? Since Dylan has arrived I find myself feeling guilty for the littlest of things like wanting half an hour to myself for a soak in the bath or hoping he will have a nap in his cot so that I can make a cup of coffee with two hands! Of course, there are the bigger things as well. I feel unbelievably guilty that I gave birth to him so early and wasn’t able to keep him safe for the whole 9 months that most babies get. I feel really angry that my body decided to make him come into the world before he…

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    Challenges of Breastfeeding a Premmie

    The Plan Dylan was born 6 weeks early. I’ve always wanted to breastfeed and during my pregnancy read numerous books and browsed countless websites looking for breastfeeding advice. I was always expecting the first few weeks to be difficult – all the books tell you that it will be – but nothing prepared me for how hard it would be to breastfeed a baby born as early as Dylan was. I’d always imagined that as soon as my baby was born, he would be placed on my chest for skin to skin and would start breastfeeding within a few hours of birth. That’s the way all of the books tell…

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    Baby Prep – What I’m Reading

    I’ve found it a bit overwhelming just how much information is available on pregnancy and looking after your newborn. There are a few books which have been helping me through so I thought I would share them with you. There is so much to think about and being a first time mum I really want to make sure I’m doing everything right, especially after my previous pregnancy ended in such a traumatic way. I feel a bit paranoid that I’m going to do something wrong which will affect my baby. These books have helped me feel a little more informed and in control. Mother and Baby Pregnancy Milestones This gives a…