• Cupcakes topped with yellow buttercream flowers and green leaves

    Recipe: Honey and Lemon Cupcakes

    It’s been such a long time since I’ve made cupcakes but last weekend I decided to whip up a batch to take to a roast dinner with extended family. It also gave me a chance to test out my Russian piping tips which I was given for my birthday. This was only my second attempt at using them and I definitely need to practise a little more but I do love the effect that they give. These cakes are easy to make and you can make them look as fancy as you like by experimenting with the icing. Easy to make with hit of zesty lemon.

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    Homemade Afternoon Tea

    I thought I would share with you some recipes I used to make afternoon tea recently. My menu was made up of roasted red pepper shots, feta and ricotta pastry swirls, sandwiches, scones, lemon cupcakes and balsamic berry chocolate mousse. I was in a bit of a panic the night before, wondering if I would be able to make everything on time but it actually worked out ok. I made the red pepper shots and chocolate mousse the night before but managed the rest in about 3 hours the next day, with some help on the sandwiches. Recipes Roasted red pepper shot – This recipe came from the BBC Good…