• First birthday baby

    First Birthday

    March 15th 2021. Your first birthday. How has that happened? I don’t know how I feel. Happy or sad? You arrived nine weeks early, spent weeks in hospital but miraculously you’ve grown into a healthy, happy little boy. I shouldn’t ask for anything more. Yet I’m heartbroken for all you have missed out on during your first year. You weren’t able to see your Dad for two whole weeks during your time in hospital due to Covid restrictions. You didn’t meet your brother until you came home over five weeks after you were born. You’ve missed out on countless cuddles and smiles with family who live on the other side…

  • Parenting

    A Little Announcement

    As of May next year, we will become a family of four. Dylan is going to be a big brother! We are all very excited and now that I’m finally starting to get past the morning sickness (which has in no way been limited to the morning), I’m feeling like I can finally start looking forward to and planning for baby number 2. First step is to turn our spare room into Dylan’s new bedroom. We’d like him to be settled in there before baby arrives so will be starting work on that asap!

  • Mum and baby walking outside cottage

    The Dairy at Daviot – Our First Holiday As A Three

    Last week we stayed at The Dairy at Daviot for our first proper holiday as a threesome. We’ve made the trip to visit family in Cardiff a couple of times already and went to the Lake District for an extended family holiday but this was our first time away with just us. It’s become a sort of tradition for us to go on holiday during the last week of May. It’s the week we got married in Santorini two years ago and the week of our babymoon last year. But it really started before our wedding as a way to avoid the high prices and hot temperatures of the summer…

  • Swans and ducks on Lake Windermere

    Family Get-Together at Windermere Marina Village

    I love a good family get-together. We live on the other side of the country to most of my family so it’s hard to get everyone together unless we travel all the way down there. Now that Dylan is here, it’s not quite as easy to jump on a plane as frequently as we used to. Which is where Windermere Marina Village comes in. Pretty much half way between us, it’s a holiday village set on the banks of Lake Windermere with a selection of houses and apartments to suit all family set ups. There were quite a lot of us so we ended up renting two properties. My sisters,…