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    Missing Out Because of Covid

    I think it’s safe to say that this past year has been tough for everyone and we’ve all been missing out because of Covid. I’ve found it so difficult having a toddler and baby to entertain but there are a few things I’ve missed in particular. Family The biggest thing for me has been not being allowed to see my family. I live in Scotland but they live in Wales. They were able to come up for a few nights in July, but were not allowed to stay in the house with us. They had to rent apartments nearby and we were only allowed to see them in the garden.…

  • What not to say to a NICU mum - photo of baby holding onto Mum's finger

    What Not to Say to a NICU Mum – 9 Things to Avoid

    Having had two premature babies, each needing weeks of neonatal care, I thought I was just about qualified to write a list of what not to say to a NICU mum or dad. Hopefully this will help if you have a friend or family member who is going through this tough experience. 1. “When will you get home?” This is a tricky one to answer. Do you mean when will I get home or do you mean when will baby get home, because the chances are I will get home much sooner than baby. In the worst cases, mum and dad might not actually be sure baby is going to…

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    Favourite Things

    Sometimes it feels as though I’ve got no time for myself any more but on those rare occasions that Dylan actually falls asleep in his cot or basket, instead of on me, I find myself missing him even when I am right there. This is one of those moments. I’m sitting next to Dylan as he sleeps peacefully, almost hoping that he will wake up and need a cuddle from me. It’s sad to think that one day he will be big enough that he no longer needs me to comfort him when he wakes up. Even though I rarely sleep in stretches longer than 4 hours any more, I…