• Babywool sleeping bag purple lable on white sleeping bag with colourful star pattern

    Babywool Sleeping Bag

    Before Dylan was born, we were kindly gifted a Babywool sleeping bag for him to try out. We were sent the 0-6 months size but due to him being so small, we actually only started using it when he was over 4 months old. Up until then, he slept in the GroSnug with his arms all tucked in which he seemed to find really comfy. Moving him into the Babywool Sleeping bag was quite challenging as he needed to sleep with his arms out. We tried quite a few times to switch over but each time he kept startling himself awake so often we ended up reverting to the GroSnug.…

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    Baby Prep – What We’ve Bought So Far

    Preparing for baby’s arrival is a little overwhelming. There is so much stuff you need to buy but it’s sometimes hard to figure out what is actually needed and what is just good marketing. With just two months to go before baby arrives, here are some of the things we’ve bought so far. Sleeping There is lots of advice out there about safe sleeping. Based on what we’ve read, we have decided to use baby sleeping bags but also have some swaddling blankets on hand in case we need them. For the very early days, we’ve got a GroSnug which is suitable for babies between 5lbs and 12lbs. It’s been…