• Toddler playing with dad in autumn leaves

    Being a Stay-at-Home Mum

    A few months ago, I made the massive decision to give up the job I loved to stay at home and look after Dylan. It took me so long to come to that decision as I’ve worked so hard to get to where I am but ultimately I just couldn’t see myself leaving Dylan in childcare for a minimum of three full days a week. Since handing in my notice I’ve definitely had some wobbles where I’ve wondered if I’ve done the right thing, but most of the time I do feel really lucky that I’m able to be a stay-at-home mum and look after him while he is still…

  • 10 month old Dylan and mum

    After Maternity Leave

    Time Flies Dylan is now 11 months old. I can hardly believe how quickly the past year has gone. It feels like a blink of an eye since my waters broke unexpectedly in the early hours, 6 whole weeks before they were supposed to. For the past few months I’ve been in a quandary about what to do after my maternity leave ends. I enjoy my job and I’ve worked so hard for it, but I love spending time with Dylan and can’t imagine having to leave him at nursery. Plus he’s only going to be little once and it already feels like it’s whizzing by too fast. We signed…