Visiting The Seals

Last weekend we decided to take a drive up the coast, north of Aberdeen, to one of our favourite spots. The village of Newburgh sits at the mouth of the river Ythan and on the corner of the beach, where the estuary meets the sea, live hundreds of seals.

This was the first time we took Dylan to see the seals so we wrapped up really warm as the wind coming off the North Sea can be absolutely freezing! It turned out to be very mild with no sign of a breeze so we didn’t really need those extra layers and were able to have a long walk on the beach. We love watching the seals. You can see hundreds of them sitting on the beach on the other side of the estuary and they swim up along the river, popping their heads up every now and again. Some of the braver ones get pretty close so you can have a good look at them. The amount of noise they make always surprises us! Seeing them in their natural environment feels much more special than seeing them in a zoo.

Looking out to sea you can see the controversial wind farm that Donald Trump was so against. I know lots of people hate seeing wind turbines but I actually think they look good and surely renewable energy is better than using more fossil fuels?

Dylan slept in the sling for the entire visit so we will have to go back again soon. It’s so lovely going out for trips as a family. I don’t think I will ever get bored of it, especially as we have such stunning places on our doorstep to explore!

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